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From Shore to Sea & Sunken Empires Patronage (Pathfinder RPG)


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For centuries, the citizens of the small coastal village of Haversham lived in private isolation, survivors of an ancient cataclysm who wished only to live secluded lives far from the shadow of their ancestors’ fallen empire. The community indeed had much to hide, for deep within the veins of these simple fishermen flows a dark and terrible taint – the Legacy of Old Azlant.

From Shore to Sea: A Pathfinder Setting adventure

What secrets do they keep in the quiet coastal village? What lies under the waves of the western shore?

This official Pathfinder RPG adventure will be published by Paizo and is set in Paizo’s Golarion.


Sunken Empires: An Open Design Sourcebook

This sourcebook provides adventure hooks, almost 50 new spells, more than 20 monsters, and variant rules for lost technology and sunken ruins in any campaign.

Sunken Empires will be written by Brandon Hodge with project patrons for the Pathfinder RPG.

Full project proposal and public discussion is available on the KQ Forum.


As with every patronage project, you will see the adventure designed, can make suggestions to the designer, and will be fully acknowledged in the credits.

This patronage include:

  • Access to design discussion and review of Paizo feedback,
  • a PDF of the final playtest manuscript,
  • the official 32-page print adventure published by Paizo (a $13.95 value), and
  • a copy of the Sunken Empires sourcebook published by Open Design (a $9.95 value)

You will have full patron review, discussion, and playtest access to both From Shore to Sea and Sunken Empires as they are created.
For a Basic Membership, leave the Quantity in the ‘Add to Cart’ field equal to ‘1’.

Senior Patronage and Major Donors

As a senior patron, you gain access to the senior patron discussion and review of materials. You will have complete access to the playtest draft, art, maps, and you will have first option to contribute items, monsters, spells, and more to the design. To join as a senior patron, set the Quantity field to ‘3’ during checkout.

As a major donor, you have access to all the other patron perks, and you will receive a signed, autographed copy of the final print book for both Sunken Empires and From Shore to Sea. To join as a major donor, set the Quantity field to ‘6’ during checkout.

  • 2008 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming
  • 2009 Silver ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book

Want to know more about how patronage projects work? See the Open Design FAQ for details.

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