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Enigma Lost in a Maze for 5th Edition PDF


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D&D 5e

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Level 5-10


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Midgard Region




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A Conundrum of Draconic Proportions

The Heart of Roshgazi, the center of the First Labyrinth and the core of every maze in Midgard, is cracked. Damaged by invading Mharoti long ago, its keepers have spent the past three centuries staving off the maze’s impending madness.

Now the maze has become more violent and twisted than ever before, preventing the keepers from affecting their cure. Meanwhile, a hungry dragon has settled in the city with a host of kobolds. She believes the Heart holds the power she needs to rise above her peers in Mharoti.

Can your band of heroes distract the dragon’s efforts to find the Heart, unravel the enigma that guards the entrance to the Heart, and heal the mad maze before all the mazes of Midgard collapse?

An Enigma Lost in a Maze is an adventure for 6th‑level characters and is fully compatible with the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game.

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