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Deep Magic: Volume 2 for Kickstarter (PDF)


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Master 400 New Spells for Fifth Edition


Deep Magic Volume 2 is a sequel to the spell-filled Deep Magic Volume 1 and further expands on that first volume. Volume 2 features over 400 new spells as well as:

  • The Witch base class, a spellcaster that communes with and commands the spirits of the natural world
  • 19 new subclasses, from the College of Cuisine bard to the Circle of Scavengers druid, to the Oath of the Spellsworn paladin, to the Fey Mage wizard
  • 3 new backgrounds to bring your characters to life: Cometborn, Curio Collector, and Storyteller
  • 14 styles of spellcasting, such as Dream, Pyromancy, or Weather, to give your spellcaster a distinctive theme with fun, new features
  • 15 magical grimoires with unique stories, motifs, and art that are capable of growing in power as the character grows
  • 3 new downtime activities for characters who want to do something more than carousing: Enchanting Arms and Armor, Potion Brewing, and Researching Magic
  • GM guidance for including epic and legendary magic in games, allowing characters—or villains—to magically shape the world and story
  • 10 spellcasting NPCs to help or hinder characters
  • Over a dozen tables, from descriptions of magical effects to reverse summoning quests, to the odd effects from drinking an old or badly brewed potion
  • 16 adventure site location descriptions and encounter hooks to go along with the 24 Kobold Press Arcane Map Tiles

Like Volume 1, Deep Magic Volume 2 is not just for wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers—or even just players! This volume expands options for almost every spellcasting class, including the new witch base class, and includes plenty of guidance throughout for Game Masters looking to use magic and spells as character rewards, as storytelling devices, and as villainous tools.

Whether you’re a Game Master or player, Deep Magic Volume 2 has something magical in store for you!

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  1. Nikitas-Apollon Panagiotopoulos

    An outstanding expansion of the already exceptional Deep Magic Volume 1. This book not only expands on the concept of magic styles but provides the tools to incorporate magical crafting and research activities in one’s game while staying respectful to the level of depth already set by the first volume of the series. What I find phenomenal about this book is that in addition to enriching the game with a vast array of spells it provides a framework to make magic narratively interesting, meaningful and fun to experiment with. Definitelly a great book to use for any style of game featuring magic and spellcasters!

  2. Victor Morris

    The new Deep Magic Vol. 2 is great! I purchased it with the new updated Vol 1 and the two are a powerhouse combo of new (and updated) spells, character options and new Classes. Vol 2 has the new class: The Witch! My players play-tested it and they fell in love with it! There is also new ways of looking at magic that are fun – your magic user can create their own magic theme (e.g. fire, cold etc) and specialize! This puts even more control of characters in the hands of players and lets THEM tell their story! I have the PDF and Print. Look out BBEG’s , the PC’s are learning some NEW tricks!

  3. maximebombardier

    Amazing book, can’t wait for the third one!

  4. santiago balletto

    Much better made and with more passion than official WOTC books. Can’t wait to try the new Witch class

  5. erikdodd2001

    Great book. This book just backs a dump truck full of options to your table and deposits them on your table. I cannot wait to use this book in my next game!

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