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Deep Magic: Mythos Magic PDF (5th Edition)


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Unnameable Secrets of the Great Old Ones!

Some warlocks, wizards, and clerics deal with creatures far worse than demons and devils—malevolent alien beings from beyond space and time. These entities’ minds are immeasurably superior to our own. Their sinister, loathsome agendas challenge not only our sanity, but our very existence. And yet, and yet…the revelations they offer…

The 20 scrawled and creeping pages of Deep Magic: Mythos Magic bring the magic of classic cosmic horror tales into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • Grimoires of the Cthulhu Mythos, including the Necronomicon
  • Rules for tracking the mental and physical corruption that result from learning Mythos spells
  • 20 new spells, including black goat’s blessing, emanation of Yoth, sleep of the deep, yellow sign, and more

As a Mythos caster you have the power to summon sanity-shattering servitors, warp reality, and even make the stars right again through force of will. The cost is too terrible to contemplate, but you will follow this path wherever it takes you, and face whatever doom awaits you at the end.

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  1. Jeffrey Jones

    I absolutely loved this supplement, it helped me out with my current campaign. X2 Castle Amber one of the items the PC’s are after is the Ring or Eibon, held by the archbishop, who is also a monster when the light of the mysterious comet shines upon him. The Book of Eibon gave me an explanation for the comet appearing and how the Archbishop was related to it, being seduced by the power of the void and dabbling in forbidden magics!! Fantastic Thank you Kobold Press!!

  2. [email protected]

    This book has some neat, thematic stuff in it, particularly the 20 new spells. It’s relatively short, consisting mostly of 3 books from the Cthulhu Mythos and the new spells. Given the price, I won’t knock it for being sparse (though if you want Mythos tomes, I’d recommend checking out either the old Keeper’s Compendium for Call of Cthulhu, which is full of LOTS of tomes mentioned in the stories, including variations, as well as some cults, or Bookhounds of London, an expansion for Trail of Cthulhu, which has some great rules for the books themselves and how to use them in a campaign).

    However, my big complaint is that it’s not complete. Almost everything in this PDF has a reference to another product, from summoning spells that require Kobold Press’ Creature Codex ($50) to rules for madness, which require the Midgard Worldbook ($50), to the tomes, which contain spells only described in the Midgard Heroes Handbook ($55) or Deep Magic: Void Magic ($3). Of the 3 books, only one doesn’t contain spells from another KP release, and 5 of the spells require one as well.

    If it was described as a supplement for their Midgard campaign, I’d rate it higher, but even then you’d still need the Void Magic supplement to get full use of it. Otherwise, it’s a great book.

  3. wogmon3

    Lovecraftian Tomes, lore & groovy spells. Five Star material as I have come to expect from Kobold Press. An excellent resource and fairly priced. It aligns with their Midgard products, but could be slightly adjusted as a stand-alone with a modicum of effort. Recommended.

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