Deep Magic: Dragon Magic PDF (5th Edition)

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Magic that Roils in Blood and Bone!

The dragons were among the first creatures to master all types of magic: controlling the elements, enchanting their lairs with innate defenses, and teaching their arts to their humanoid servants.

Today, their kin—true dragons and lesser creatures—are heirs to this powerful magic. Kobolds serving great wyrms learn spells that harness their innate draconic natures. A human with an ancient draconic ancestor might find a wizard mentor to help her focus her power. Special legions of dragonborn troops train with a master dragon mage to better defend their homeland from invaders.

Deep Magic: Dragon Magic brings the secrets of dragon magic into your 5th Edition campaign, featuring:

  • A dragon mage arcane tradition that grants wizards draconic aspects as they rise in level
  • 9 new feats including Find The Titan’s Weakness, Dragonsmith, and Dragonrider
  • 16 new spells, including draconic smite, kobold’s fury, enhance greed, legend killer, and more

Here is magic born in the abyss of time, in an ancient age where titanic winged masters wielded unimaginable power. Their blood burns within you—unlock its secrets, and wield the magic that is your birthright!

1 review for Deep Magic: Dragon Magic PDF (5th Edition)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Disclaimer: I received a copy of this product as part of a kickstarter.

    This review is for Deep Magic: Dragon Magic, which by premise alone seems rather impressive. And immediately upon flipping to the first few pages, it is clear that this product contains some amazing dragon themed character options. First off is the Dragon Mage arcane tradition, which allows a wizard to emulate the powers of a dragon in various different iterations. You start out being able to wear an illusory dragon mask that gives you a bite attack, and eventually get things like wings and a tail that give you an amazing ability to affect the battlefield.

    While this is a departure from other wizard archetypes in that it isn’t as spell focused, these dragon powers offer an amazing variety of options to a wizard, but keep it interesting enough that they don’t necessarily compete with spells, though the effects do use spell slots to power them. And while the dragon mask ability at level 2 does make you choose between offensive spells and viability in melee, the choice is an interesting one that is especially important at the low levels when a wizard may feel less useful (and probably more vulnerable) until they get a wider array of spells. Speaking to the various dragon based powers that you can select from at higher levels, the implementation was inspired. I was very impressed at how the archetype gave you more powers, but made them distinct, and with a very limited exception, made them exclusive to each other. This does not give a significant boost to the wizard over other archetypes, and instead grants an amazing toolbox that speaks to the nature of wizardry in D&D.

    There are a number of feats that supplement the powers of the Dragon Mage specifically, while also giving a number of feats that are not tied to the arcane tradition and instead are just darn good well balanced feats.

    As a slight departure from the other 5e deep magic products that I have reviewed, the spell section is NOT directly tied to the wizard archetype, and instead offers a plethora of spells that dealt with dragons as a theme. There are spells that mirrored some dragon abilities, spells that are antithetical to dragons, and spells that just plain evoke a draconic theme. This was a refreshing change, in that I love variety in spells without dedicating myself to a specific archetype. The balance for the spells is excellent, and I did not notice any glitches. This product complements the Deep Magic line perfectly, and is a robust and amazing addition to a wizards arsenal that will go in my list of must haves for future reference.

    5 stars and the royal seal.

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