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Creature Card Codex: Mid-Level Creatures with Tuck Box


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Turn a Monstrous Card! A Codex Deck Arrives

The Creature Card Codex: Mid-Level Creatures includes almost 90 creatures from the innovative Creature Codex in a portable format that is easy to clip to your DM screen or tuck into your module notes! Featuring most of the book’s creatures with challenge ratings 3 to 5, the deck includes several new dark folk, drakes, and a couple elementals. Several higher and lower level creatures linked to these mid level creatures are also included.

Complete Card List

01. Aatxe
02. Ahu-Nixta
03. Arcanaphage
04. Astral Snapper
05. Azeban
06. Bar Brawl
07. Bat, Giant Albino
08. Bat, Giant Vampire
09. Bloody Bones
10. Cats of Ulthar
11. Centaur Chieftain
12. Cueyatl & Moon Pr.
13. Cueyatl Sea Priest
14. Cueyatl Warrior
15. Dark Father
16. Dark Folk, Eye
17. Dark Folk, Servant
18. Dark Folk, Voice
19. Derro, Speaker to Darkness
20. Derro, Witch Qu.
21. Drake, Bathhouse
22. Drake, Forest
23. Drake, Moon
24. Drake, Pack
25. Drake, Peluda
26. Drake, Skull
27. Dream Wraith
28. Dust Goblin Chief.
29. Dvarapala
30. Elemental, Blood
31. Elemental, Venom
32. Elophar
33. Far Wanderer
34. Fierstjerren
35. Gargoctopus
36. Ghast Of Leng
37. Ghost Boar & Elder
38. Ghoul, Necrophage Ghast
39. Ghoul, Tar
40. Ghoulsteed
41. Gloomflower
42. Gnoll Slaver
43. Hag, Snow
44. Iron Sphere
45. Karakura
46. Korrigan
47. Kryt
48. Lamia, Serpentine
49. Lamia, Serpentine Matriarch
50. Lycan., Werebat
51. Lycan., Werehyena
52. Megapede
53. Nian
54. Ogre, Tusked Crimson
55. Ooze, Ink Guardian
56. Ooze, Shadow
57. Orthrus
58. Philosopher’s Ghost
59. Pillar Of The Lost Magocracy
60. Purple Slime
61. Quickstep
62. Ramag Portal Master
63. Ratatosk Warlord
64. Razorleaf
65. Serpentfolk Of Yig
66. Servant Of Yig
67. Shantak
68. Shoreline Scrapper
69. Shoth, Oth
70. Shoth, Sooze
71. Simurg
72. Sleipnir
73. Spawn Of Chernobog
74. Thread-Bound Constrictor Snake
75. Three-Head. Cobra
76. Tosculi Jeweled Drone
77. Tulpa
78. Undine
79. Unhatched
80. Water Horse
81. Worg, Fang Of The Great Wolf
82. Wyvern Knight
83. Xenasorber
84. Xiphus
85. Yaga Goo
86. Zombie, Blood
87. Zombie, Lord
88. Zombie, Mold

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