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Creature Card Codex: High-Level Creatures with Tuck Box


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Turn a Monstrous Card! A Codex Deck Arrives

Creature Card Codex: High-Level Creatures has almost 90 creatures from the highly regarded Creature Codex in a portable format that is easy to clip to a DM Screen or tuck into your module notes! Featuring most of the book’s creatures with challenge rating nine and above (aside from animal, demon, and fey lords, as well as several others coming in a future deck), the deck includes a trove of demons, golems, vampires, and many more.

Complete Card List

01. Ammut
02. Arborcyte
03. Azi Dahaka
04. Barong
05. Dakini, Simhamukha
06. Demon, Alnaar
07. Demon, Cipactli
08. Demon, Echo
09. Demon, Fulad-Zereh
10. Demon, Neophron
11. Demon, Pishacha
12. Demon, Plaresh
13. Demon, Rattok
14. Demon, Spree
15. Demon, Vellso
16. Demon, Wind
17. Demon, Yek
18. Demon, Yek Alpha
19. Devil, Inf. Knight
20. Dragon, Clockwork, 1-Head
21. Dragon, Clockwork, 3-Head
22. Dragon, Light, Wyrmling
23. Dragon, Light, Young
24. Dragon, Wasteland, Wyrmling
25. Dragon, Wasteland, Young
26. Dragonborn, Ouroban
27. Elem., Storm Lord
28. Elf, Alchem. Archer
29. Elf, S.F. Ambass.
30. Elf, S.F. Poisoner
31. Flame-Sc. Scion
32. Flying Polyp
33. Fulminar
34. Ghost Dragon
35. Ghoul, Dar. High Priestess
36. Ghoul, Dar. Shadowmancer
37. Giant, Blood
38. Giant, Cave
39. Giant, Mountain
40. Giant, Void
41. Golem, Alchemical
42. Golem, Altar Flame
43. Golem, Doom
44. Golem, Lotus
45. Golem, War Machine
46. Grave Behemoth
47. Gugalanna
48. Horned Serpent
49. Hound Of Tindalos
50. Hungry Ghost Gaki
51. Hungry Ghost Preta
52. Ichneumon
53. Incinis
54. Jinmenju
55. Külmking
56. Lamassu
57-58. Lich, Hierophant
59. Living Star
60. Mandriano
61. Mandriano, Ancient
62. Manticore, Barbed
63. Mantik, Barbed Manticore King
64. Moon Nymph
65. Mytholabe
66. Nachzehrer
67. Nightgaunt
68. Oliphaunt
69. Ooze, Foxfire
70. Ooze, Giant Shark Bowl
71. Rakshasa, Greater
72. Ring Servant
73. Shadow River Lord
74. Shoth, Droth
75. Skeleton, Monarch
76. Undead Phoenix
77-78. Vamp. Patrician
79-80. Vamp. Priestess
81. Vampire, Thrall
82. Vampiric Knight
83. Venom Maw Hydra
84. Vines of Nemthyr
85. Wendigo
86. Whisperer In Dark.
87. Wickerman
88. Ziphius

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