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Book of Hexcrawl: Part Two


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D&D 5e


Alex Dzuricky, W.F. Smith



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Exploring, Camping, and the Timeless Art of Getting Lost

So you’ve laid down your first patch of hexes, and your world is starting to take shape. What happens next? It’s time to start crawling!

The next entry in our six-sided sandbox series, the Book of Hexcrawl is a 14-page PDF all about exploring the wilderness, blazing a trail, and keeping the party alive.

  • Turn on survival mode! Track exhaustion with the Life Level Index chart.
  • Strike camp and venture forth! Rules and tables for travel, inclement weather, and difficult terrain add challenge to your journey across the map.
  • Seize the day! Keep a focused hexcrawl campaign with our guide to breaking down the adventuring day.

Check your boots for snakes and tighten your packs, because Book of Hexcrawl, Part 2: How to Hexcrawl is moving out!

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