Book of Ebon Tides – Tales from the Shadows: Part 1 Syrinscape Soundpack


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Welcome to the Shadow Realm!

Its high-flown powers and its lowborn scoundrels alike have a proposal for you: swear your sword and wands to their cause and shift the ebon tides in their favor. Join us in the shadows!

These soundsets are created for the first 3 adventures from the Tales From The Shadows book. The Night Messengers, Hunters of the Tenebrous Plain and The Weeper in Shadow. Everything you need to start these adventures is here.

Even if you are not a player in the world of The Book Of Ebon Tides, you may find this SoundPack useful if you are…

  • shadow realm forest a magical forest trail
  • a tranquil city a horse and dog chase
  • day and night on arid plains a cosy hut
  • a dark maze a forest house interia
  • a wine cellar a quiet rural farming village
  • a haunting field a nightmare forest
  • an abbey in ruin a fight with a live forest
  • ghouls shadow goblins
  • shadow wolfs ankhegs
  • giant constrictor snake awakened trees & shrubs
  • warerats
  • All of this and more can be found in this pack

Virtual Table Top

Game System

D&D 5e

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Ghouls in a graveyard, the cover of Prepared 2
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