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Book of Blades: Expanding Mentors and Rivals for 5th Edition(PDF)


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Get Schooled, One Way or Another

Kobold Press proudly presents part 2 of our smash new series, Book of Blades: Mentors and Rivals!

The mentor is a vital part of every hero’s journey, and there’s a lot of adventure in a good, recurring rival. But how do you get those elements included in a campaign? Answers abound in this 16-page supplement for martial characters of every stripe. You’ll find:

  • Historical and fictional inspiration to help you GM these important roles.
  • A downtime system for training with your martial mentor.
  • 2 tough mentors and 2 wily rivals to keep heroes on their toes.
  • Hooks and tips to bring these NPCs to life in your PCs’ lives.

Make melee amazing with Book of Blades: Rivals and Mentors!

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  1. williamhschulteman23

    Hope this series picks up
    Love this kinda stuff

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