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Book of Blades: Battlefields


Kobold Press proudly presents part ten of our smash series, Book of Blades: Battlefields!

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Take the Field. Win the Fight!

Many of the great battles of history and fiction hinge on knowledge of the battlefield. Do we launch a surprise attack on an advancing army using a nearby forest as cover? Can we seize the high ground and rain arrows upon the enemy? Will our carefully-laid strategy be undone by a fast-approaching winter storm? This 18-page battle manual gives GMs all the tools they need to build their own Helm’s Deep or Agincourt.

Book of Blades: Battlefields includes the following:

  • Unique terrain features to suit any battlefield environment. These features are more than just visual flair—they add real tactical and strategic value to any fight!
  • Weather effects that disrupt the battlefield and threaten both friend and foe!
  • Historical and fictional inspiration for GMs to create dramatic and exciting set-piece battles!

Prepare for battle and master the art of war with Book of Blades: Battlefields!

What is Book of Blades?

Book of Blades is a Kobold Press special series focused on melee combat. This 12-part series examines the classes, weapons, tactics, and people that make combat a fundamental part of the fantasy roleplaying experience.



Game System

D&D 5e


Game Masters


Adventure, Spells and Items

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