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Adventures of Dib (PDF)


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Game System

Tales of the Valiant


Jon Sawatsky

Adventure Level

Level 1 to 2




Game Masters


Low-level adventurers BEWARE! A Kobold Press legend returns for two rounds of Tales of the Valiant adventure. Dib Halfling-Chewer; master wrestler, wheeled-vehicle enthusiast and terror of the roadways is front-and-center in these two classic Kobold Press adventures, now converted to Tales of the Valiant!

Adventures of Dib is a 14-page PDF title featuring complete ToV conversions of The Impregnable Fortress of Dib and Dib’s Wagon of Doom.

  • An ideal introduction to Tales of the Valiant for PCs level 1-2.
  • Utilizes material from the Tales of the Valiant Player’s Guide.
  • Includes rules for running vehicular combat, a staple of any Dib adventure!

Challenge new players with a deadly (and troublesome) villain with Adventures of Dib!

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