The southern kingdoms squabble over who is the true heir of the ancient elven empires, but in the north there is no doubt: The Grand Duchy of Dornig, also known as the Domains of the Princes, is the one truly successor state to the power that once was Arbonesse and Thorn. The echo of their greatness is evident in their fey roads that permit magical travel across Midgard and into the shadow realm, their hoards of lost knowledge, and—most of all—in their ruler.

For upon the Copper Sphinx Throne of Dornig sits one of the few elves who remembers the Age of Glory, before the Great Retreat, and before the despoliations of the Great Mage Wars. She is the Beloved Imperatrix Regia Moonthorn Kalthania-Reln vann Dornig—and all of this land’s lesser rulers are her children, by blood and by marriage.

This should be a land of peace and prosperity. But the Imperatrix is near death, and has not named a successor to her throne. Dornig is now a land of continual political intrigue that threatens at any moment to break out in violence, as the many branches of the Imperatrix’s descendants plot and conspire against each other.

It will take great courage and cunning to survive in this viper’s nest of near-immortals, amid their ancient and deadly rivalries. But the riches of the elves, their high magic and their long-held lore, can be found nowhere else. Cross the border into their domain, and enter a realm of unearthly beauty and wonder!

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