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Detailed Map of the Free City

The most detailed and complete map of the city of Zobeck, as drawn by Sean Macdonald. This is a large (20″ by 15″), 4-panel map that overlaps neatly and is suitable for any adventure in the city. Zoomable detail makes it perfect for use on a laptop or iPad, and printable quality makes it useful as a paper tool for party scheming on the tabletop.

This map details more than 60 locations described in the Zobeck Gazetteer.

Rich color and a complete street plan from the Arcane Collegium to the Kobold Ghetto, and from the Greenmarket Barracks to the Puffing Bridge. The city lies before you, rich in adventure!



Game System

D&D 5e, Generic, Pathfinder


Game Masters, Players

1 review for Zobeck City Map (PDF)

  1. Alexander Baker

    I downloaded the map to upload to my digital campaign and it is virtually useless. It’s broken down into four separate panels rather than a whole map. I don’t know why they would format it like this but I feel like I wasted my money.

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