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Wreck of the Goodwife Map Pack (PDF)


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An Ocean of Possibilities

It’s hard to overstate the sheer titanic, oceanic scale of this map pack. Print it out, and the tide will roll in on your game table. It is massive.

While this map was originally commissioned for use with the “Wreck of the Goodwife” mini-adventure in Kobold Quarterly #13, it is a lush and useful map for any coastal, seagoing, or underwater adventure, such as those inspired by Sunken Empires.

And it’s not just big. The details are excellent and offer visual hooks from sunken ships to underwater caverns to treasures, sea life, and kelp forests.

Optimized to prints out in either Letter size or A4. By Jonathan Roberts.

86 pages color/B&W for letters size, 72 pages color/B&W for A4 size, and an overview map to keep it all together.

A bargain for any adventure on or under water!

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