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Warlock Patreon: World Tree (PDF)


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Warlock on the World Tree!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new Midgard 5th Edition Warlock booklet is here.

The topic is the World Tree Yggdrasil and things Norse more generally, with options including the sky hall of the fire giants and three more feast halls rich in adventure and danger, a most unusual bardic college, a rowdy band of travellers, the Staff of the World Tree, scads of adventure seeds, and full statistics on the Spawn of Nidhogg itself! This booklet’s esteemed sections and designers are:

  • Feast Halls of the Northlands, by Wolfgang Baur
  • Skaldholm Shadowsingers, by Sarah Madsen
  • Amid the Leaves of Yggdrasil, by Richard Greens
  • Planar Voyagers, by Kelly Pawlik

Support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E!

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