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Warlock Roars from the Deep Forests and Hills!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new 5th Edition booklet is here—with cover art by Phil Stone. The interior brings us the strange, the fantastical, and the quirky side of fantasy, from the moons of the Astral plane to items found in that haunted attic, decidedly unusual items for rounding out a treasure trove, plus all the details of a very weird season in the Wastes with new monsters—such as the behemoth hill giant, anathema locusts, and asp vines—plus high-fantasy, chaotic terrain and gear!

Weighing in at 28 pages, this zine’s topics include:

  • “The Mad Spring” by Jeff Lee
  • “Weird Lists” by Mike Shea
  • “Weird Fantasy Items” by Jeff Lee

And please, help support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E DnD!



Game System

D&D 5e


Game Masters, Players


Kobold Press

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