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Warlock Patreon: Liminal Magic (PDF)


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Warlock Steps Over the Threshold!

Liminal spaces have captivated us for centuries—they are spaces on the boundaries, at the edge between what’s real and what’s unreal. A liminal space can be neither here nor there, and yet both here and there at the same time. There is eldritch power in these spaces, and from there liminal magic pulls.

In the 10-page Warlock Guide to Liminal Magic, designer Sarah Madsen takes us on a tour of this esoteric power, including presenting the new school of liminality as well as a collection of 13 new liminal spells. From ethereal stairs to physically traverse spaces to mirror realm to create brand new ones, this publication will stretch your imagination to the places between spaces and beyond!

And please, support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E DnD!

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  1. acastanza

    Overall pretty great, but I would strongly suggest errating the “Hypnic Jerk” cantrip to follow the standard cantrip damage scaling.

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