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Warlock Patreon: Fey Courts (PDF)


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Warlock Fey Courts!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new Midgard 5th Edition Warlock booklet is here.

The topic is the Fey Courts, with particular emphasis on the River Court of the Arbonesse. This booklet’s esteemed sections and designers are:

  • Owls, Roses & Thorns: Lost Courts of the Elves, by Wolfgang Baur
  • Recollections of the River Court, by Jon Sawatsky
  • Rogues of the River Court, by Shawn Merwin
  • Guardians of the Trifles, by Troy E. Taylor
  • Variant Undines, by Shawn Merwin

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  1. Gaetan Voyer-Perrault

    This is a great mix of content. I came out of this wanting to run some type of event with the River King because there’s so much cool stuff here.

    – Owls, Roses & Thorns: Lost Courts of the Elves: basically encounter locations and ideas for places near the Fey realms. The Court of Thorns is particularly useful as a “spot where things would happen” in a campaign.
    – Recollections of the River Court: a walkthrough of the river court. Box text for each of the rooms, quick NPC write-ups, even a couple of monster stat blocks. Includes some fun and useful magical wines.
    – Rogues of the River Court: the River King’s top henchpeople, all with stat blocks, it’s perfect GM material.
    – Guardians of the Trifles: an adventure, crammed in to 6 half pages, with no maps, but a lot of flavor. It’s a little linear and it’s not “ready to play” in that you’ll probably need to source some encounter maps. But the key ideas are all there and it fits in 6 pages.
    – Variant Undines: Undine are basically Fey water elementals. They appear in the Creature Codex. You know how you wish 5e had elementals of different sizes? Well, here are the Undine versions.

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