Warlock Patreon: Dragons (PDF)


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Warlock Rules the Skies!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new 5th Edition booklet is here—with cover art by the stupendous Karl Waller. The interior reveals the secret lore of dragons, including their powerful magic, strange intrigues, and various powers they share with followers as patrons. Join these masters of fire and sky and unlock their greatest strength!

Weighing in at 24 pages, this zine’s topics include:

  • “Dragon Templates” by Celeste Conowitch
  • “Barbarian Subclass: Path of the Dragon” by Celeste Conowitch
  • “Warlock Patron: The Great Dragons” by Gabriel Hicks
  • “Dancing with Dragons: Intrigues of the Mharoti” by Richard Pett”

And please, help support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E DnD!



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D&D 5e


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