Warlock Patreon: Boss Monsters (PDF)


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Warlock Meets the Big Boss Monsters!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new 5th Edition booklet is here—with terrific cover art by RPG legend Jeff Easley.

The topic is monsters, especially the big, bad, and dangerous ones at CR 10+ (with a few smaller CR bosses for variety)!

Weighing in at 36 pages, this booklet’s esteemed creatures and their designers are:

  • Catscratch (CR 3) by Celeste Conowitch
  • Vexxeh (CR 6) by Kelly Pawlik
  • Deep Sea Behemoth (CR 9) by TK Johnson
  • Pumpkin King (CR 10) by Celeste Conowitch
  • Clockwork Archon (CR 12) by Kelly Pawlik
  • Necrotech, Death Barque (CR 12) by Richard Green
  • Pustulent Shambler (CR 13) by Mike Welham
  • Incarnate Gloom (CR 13) by Mike Welham
  • Infernal Swarm (CR 14) by TK Johnson
  • Necrotech, Bone Colossus (CR 14) by Richard Green
  • Vent Linnorm (CR 16) by Kelly Pawlik
  • Bathael (CR 18) by Robert Schwalb
  • Shadow of Death (CR 21) by Robert Schwalb
  • Degmadu (CR 27) by Scott Gable

Support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E!



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