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Warlock Lair 7: The Bagiennik Game (PDF)


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D&D 5e

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Level 1-4


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Midgard Region



Little man of wood and soil, angry first then sad and loyal, strange faerie of inconstant mood, your rooty home so soft and crude…

In humble Tuwold, a small hamlet east of Reywald and nestled into the edge of the Arbonesse forest, the local youths have invented a deadly game. The lair of an inconstant bagiennik has been discovered not far from the hamlet. The lair is in one of the ruined chambers of an elven temple buried under the swamp. The youths have been taunting the creature, hoping it will knock them unconscious…

A short adventure by Jon Sawatsky for 5th Edition heroes of 2nd and 3rd level, with a map by Dyson Logos.

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  1. Gaetan Voyer-Perrault

    This adventure includes a new OGL creature, the Bagiennik. I really like the creature premise and it makes for a nice adventure hook.

    The overall lair is definitely enough to challenge 2nd level PCs. There’s some combat variety and at least one significant encounter with role-playing elements. The core material is essentially 3 pages + art + map, so that’s a pretty good deal overall.

    Two spots for improvement would be the art and map.

    The cover art is a “Far Darig” rather than a “Bagiennik”. This is weird because the Tome of Beasts already has art for the Darig, so I’m not sure why they commissioned a second piece for an existing creature rather than a new piece for the new creature.

    The map is a basic Dyson map, but there’s no VTT download included. Likewise, there are some specific additions by the author (like a crumbled wall or flooded floors) that are just called out with no actual change to the map image. So if you bring this in to a VTT, you kind of have a to photoshop the map.

  2. mw52240

    This was a fun little side excursion for our group – 3 3rd level PCs plus an NPC. We would have had a much rougher go of it without that fourth adventurer to help. A somewhat new DM ran this for us and found it pretty easy to prepare. It was a very nice mix of combat and non-combat encounters – from start to finish it clocked in about 4-4.5 hours for our group.

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