Warlock Lair 76: No Time Has Passed (PDF)


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Adrift in Time

The wizard Trelmain Kelemen tried to reach out to his estranged friend Gregor Cagari, only to find that Cagari was trapped in a manor in a timelost demiplane, seemingly unreachable. Trelmain hires the party to conduct an exploratory mission and learn what happened to the his friend. Most importantly, if they can’t return with Cagari, they are to collect any of his research notes left behind. Trelmain will astrally project the party to the manor, and they’ll have a silvery cord they can tug at any time to let Trelmain know to bring them back to their bodies…

What could go wrong?

This adventure for 5th level characters by designer William Rotor takes place in a Demiplane and can be played anywhere. It includes an all-new monster, the gearforged husk, as well as full maps by Dyson Logos.



Game System

D&D 5e


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