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Warlock Lair 74: In the Name of the Mother (PDF)


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A Swamp Hides a Magical Mystery

Galias’s Cross is a town with ideas above its station. Travelers know how close the road is to the mist-shrouded swamps of the Fellmire, though locals do their best to ignore it. When the wind blows from the north, the fetid stench of the swamp wafts through town, and the citizens smother their kerchiefs in cinnamon oil and clutch them to their faces, ignoring the portent of evil.
Of late, the town has more immediate troubles: thieves in Galia’s Cross have robbed its richest families. Nobody has been hurt, but vagabonds are entering the boudoirs of young ladies—quite an affront to the respectability of the town.
This adventure designed by Thomas Pugh takes 1st-level characters to adventure in the town, the swamp, and a nearby cove. It also features cartography by Dyson Logos, two original NPC villains, and three new magic items: calipha’s tears, mirrors of teleportation, and relic called Mother’s Angst.



Game System

D&D 5e


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