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Warlock Lair 73: Seven Rings of Stonehammer (PDF)


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D&D 5e


What Remains of Clan Stonehammer?

Dwarves keeps and clans are powerful fortresses guarded by steel and stone… Until one day, they are fall prey to strange dangers, foul magic, or feuding among its people. And yet the fall of Stonehammer remains a mystery.

What drove the Stonehammer clan into obscurity? Are the rumors of a flooded treasure cavern true? What lurks in the darkness below?

This adventure designed by Tim Hitchcock takes 10th-level characters to the sunken underground ruins of Stonehammer Keep, and describes what remains on its multiple levels. The challenge will make more powerful characters think carefully!

This adventure also includes cartography by Dyson Logos and the death’s breath fungus.

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