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Warlock Lair 72: Break the Owl (PDF)


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Enter the Manse of Owls on the Plane of Shadow…

When a shadow goblin merchant finds out her fiancé has been kidnapped, she is enraged and seeks his immediate rescue—by hiring professional help from adventurous souls, ideally bloodthirsty ones (we did mention she’s a goblin!?).

This adventure designed by Basheer Ghouse takes 6th-level characters to the fantastical goblin city of Fandeval on the plane of Shadow, and includes options for the characters to fight, bargain, and stealth their way to success against the Prince of Owls in his luxurious estate.

This adventure also includes cartography by Dyson Logos for the Manse of Owls, a new magic item, and two new monsters, the gizzard and the Prince of Owls.



Game System

D&D 5e


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