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Warlock Lair 63: Edge of the Abyss (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Aboleth Lurk in the Ruins of Lost Ankeshel

Somewhere in the abyssal canyon off the coast of Beacon Rock, near the lost island nation of Ankeshel, a fell consciousness stirs—the Argent King, a powerful aboleth—and its followers are kidnapping coastal residents. Rumors persist of uncanny beings rising from the surf in the dead of night and stealing away with locals. On clear nights when the surf calms, strange lights can be seen in the depths. All along the coast, a nightmare builds of something sinister preying on the seaboard settlements.

Edge of the Abyss takes place in an underwater temple-laboratory of ancient, alien architecture called the Temple of Three Eyes. The party must find this structure, unravel a puzzle to get in, and contend with the horrid residents.

To better understand the PCs who have trespassed upon its domain, the horrible unseen patron of the facility—the Argent King—sends a demonic hybrid to test the mettle of these new foes.


This adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG is meant for four 6th-level characters. It includes full details for three variants of the all-new Abolant monster plus two new magical items, the Deepwater Cowl and the Amulet of the Aboleth. Designed by Paul Scofield, it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Phil Stone.

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