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Warlock Lair 5: The Seal of Rhydaas (PDF)


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D&D 5e


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5E Tier

Level 17-20


“By the blessings of Bhaal, King of Dragons, I call upon thee! Rhydaas the Sealed Nightmare, Flame of the Eastern Sands, answer my call. The Children of Mharot seek your fury. Grant us your power, and we will spread your purifying flames across this
unclean world. Make me, Sevarra Elu, your champion! Let me carry your flame!”
A commander of the Dragon Empire’s armies, an archmage named Sevarra Elu, seeks to win glory by making a pact with the spirit of a flame dragon. This dragon, Rhydaas the Sealed Nightmare, is bound to a mountain in the eastern deserts. Word has spread to the military leaders of the Crossroads of Sevarra’s upcoming ritual, and they call upon renowned adventurers to fly across enemy territory on griffons or wyverns and stop Sevarra from forming a pact with Rhydaas.
A short 5th Edition adventure by James J. Haeck for 4 characters of 16th level. Includes a map by Dyson Logos.

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  1. Gaetan Voyer-Perrault

    Challenging 16th level characters is tough, especially in terms of combat.

    This adventure tackles that head on with lots of small combats. One in the air and a bunch in a mountain shrine. The whole thing has an active clock, so you get limited rests and the dungeon has several elements of “being lived in”, which is nice for a short adventure.

    The map is a pretty expansive Dyson map. It has 9 major rooms, many with sub-rooms. This little lair covers all 8 room descriptions in about 1.5 pages which is pretty tight.

    Sadly, there’s not separate download, so you’ll have to do some extra work to get this onto a VTT.

    Overall, this is a worthwhile lair that I’m keeping in my back pocket as my players level up.

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