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Warlock Lair 45: Lost and Found (PDF)


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Game System

D&D 5e

5E Tier

Level 1-4


Game Masters

Midgard Region

The Wasted West




As this one-on-one adventure begins, the PC arrives in Reywald on the eve of the Rites of Spring. Banners and streamers line the beautiful streets, and the excited populace prepares to celebrate the Gods of the Crossroads. The adventure opens with the PC exploring Walker Market.

As the PC navigates the pre-festival chaos, they see scores of people in bright colors and broad smiles. The clerics and priests of Yarila and Porevit float amongst the revelers with an air of importance. These devotees wear decadent robes detailed with twisting vines, clumps of grapes, and shimmering emerald leaves. Many carry skeins of wine, which they imbibe lustily and share freely with all those who ask.

The crowd parts with cries and shouts and a young human in shabby, dark clothes explodes onto the scene, bowling into the PC. Two guards and one acolyte are hot on his heels, in full uniforms. The acolyte steps forward and demands, “Stop that filthy, thieving worm!” The young man cries, “Help, brothers! I’m Krilomir. There are heaps of coin in it for you if you help me escape.”

Two bandits step from the crowd, brandishing clubs, and move to attack the uniformed guards. The PC has only a moment to decide whose side to take.

This adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG is meant for one 4th-level character. Designed by Jonathan and Beth Ball, it features a new monster (the blood imp), with cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Phil Stone.

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