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Warlock Lair 17: Mad Maze of the Moon Kingdom


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Game System

D&D 5e


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Midgard Region




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Level 1-4, Level 5-10


Roshgazi was once the capital of the Moon Kingdom of Tes-Qamar, and the pinnacle of minotaur culture in the West. Following its destruction at the hands of the Mharoti Empire 300 years ago, Roshgazi lies in ruins and many minotaurs who remain in the city have descended into bloody savagery.

The city’s most famous landmark is the First Labyrinth—a sprawling maze infused with powerful magic. Built as a place of trials and executions in the days of the Moon Kingdom, the First Labyrinth has fallen into decay. Its magic still functions, constantly changing the layout above and below ground. The changes are erratic, following the whims of the Heart of Roshgazi, a damaged artifact with two distinct personalities. Sometimes, the benevolent Poet is dominant, bringing explorers into the labyrinth through its maze gates to help repair Roshgazi. At other times, the deranged Broken sends bloodthirsty and degenerate minotaurs to hunt down intruders.

This is one of the less peaceful times.

This short, exploration-driven adventure reveals the secrets of a ruined palace, and is designed for four 4th or 5th-level characters. This 5th Edition adventure is designed by Richard Green, and it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Karl Waller.

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