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Warlock Lair 14: The Infernal Salt Pits (PDF)


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The infamous Ghatazi Salt Pits lie deep in the Crescent Desert, northwest of the city of Saph-Saph. Here, gangs of wretched slaves dig precious salt from the ground to be sold in the markets of the Free Cities of the Desert and Nuria Natal at the behest of diabolical overseers.

Based in a ruined donjon overlooking the salt pits, the desolate mining camp is presided over by the gilded devil, Khemunsiri, and his ruthless cabal of devils and cultists of Mammon. Its cruelties have grown even more monstrous with the passing years.

This short adventure for the Southlands is designed for five 6th or four 7th level characters. This 5th Edition adventure is written by Richard Green and features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Karl Waller.



Game System

D&D 5e

5E Tier

Level 5-10

Midgard Region





Game Masters


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