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Warlock Lair 11: Rune Crypt of Sianis (PDF)


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D&D 5e


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Midgard Region




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Level 5-10


For years, the Helari family of Vidim were among the most reputable and rich folk in the kingdom. The family matriarch, Sianis Helari, was a powerful rune caster, and she used her magic for betterment of all the civilized places in the North. But she changed when her youngest son, Thurich, died (he was torn to pieces by the Jotun, giants inhabiting the mountainous regions of Jotunheim, and his remains were partly devoured by wolves). With her son’s death, Sianis retreated from the world and fell into shadow and obscurity. Rumors circulated that Sianis looked for a way to restore her son.

Eventually the Helari family faded from memory, though not before a frightening tale emerged from the region near the tomb. The story told of a massive black cloud that arrived from nowhere and sat unmoving in the wind for seven days near the Helari family crypt. In the snowy mountainous region of the Duchy of Domovogrod, hunters reported dark songs echoing from the crypt until, on the eve of the seventh day, a great rune appeared in the cloud. Recoiling from the bare evil of the magical symbol, the hunters fled from their trap lines and refused to return.

Today, the crypt has sat undisturbed for nearly a century. Will your heroes dare to uncover its secrets?

This short adventure is designed for 5th Edition heroes of 7th and 8th leve. This adventure is written by Jon Sawatsky and features cartography by Dyson Logos.

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