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Warlock Lair 10: Firefalls of Ghoss


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As he fled angry wyverns some years ago, an ambitious sorcerer, named Ghoss, discovered a great secret in the Dragoncoil mountains. A naturally formed tunnel led from the upper world into the belly of the mountains. Hinting at what lay below, hot sulfuric air rose through the tunnel. Slowly the sorcerer descended until he came to a massive cavern where the stone path ended and looked out over a spectacular set of magma falls. He climbed onto a ledge near the falls and peered down; the flows of liquid stone fell away into unseen depths, straight into the fires of the Eleven Hells.

This short adventure in the Dragon Empire ventures into wyvern country, and features a new corrupted elemental, the Incinis. Designed for 5th Edition heroes of 9th level, this adventure is written by Jon Sawatsky and features cartography by Dyson Logos.

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