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Warlock Lair 1: The Clattering Keep (PDF)


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“The old keep was abandoned when the plague blew in from the wastes. The Yellete family made it to Bourgund with the sick wind at their back – the servants, guards, their children…no, they were left behind. By the time the priests got there, the flies had claimed it. Aye, it sits now in the shadows of the woods at the end of an untended road. If you mean to go there, take the gods with you.”

A short 5th Edition adventure by Jon Sawatsky for 4 characters of 4th and 5th level. Includes a map by Dyson Logos and a new monster, the Unhatched, with art by Karl Waller.

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  1. Blaine McNutt

    This simple one shot is a great drop in to any dark fantasy campaign. It provides just the right amount of detail and interesting creatures to plug into a quick encounter in the Shadow Veil or a scraggily woodland setting. The NPCs, magic item, and hooks are just the right level of details to hook in. I’ve already prepped it for my home campaign–took me less than 30 minutes for what will be a full night of play.

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