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Warlock Bestiary for 5th Edition (PDF)


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D&D 5e


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Unleash a Few Nightmares

Dare you peer within? A Warlock Bestiary contains constructs, fiends, dinosaurs and undead that will astound your players and enliven your next adventure! Not found elsewhere, these creatures are oddballs of the dungeons, caverns, and surface world, undead spider-things, undead ettins, fiendish worms and swarming dinosaurs—charming as CR 1/8 familiars, a bit of a horrifying nightmare when they gather in vast numbers to create a swarm of teeth and claws!

This 38-page compilation of original monsters for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG covers a range of eldritch, toothy, and fearsome foes from CR 1/8 chompers to a CR 21 demon lord.

Designed by Jeff Lee, the Warlock Bestiary features original artwork by Russ “Fiend Folio” Nicholson.

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  1. gatesvp

    This is a great little book with lots of variety, mostly focused on the underground.

    It’s ~34 zine-sized pages of content spread over 14 monsters & 1 template. The monsters are all over the map. A small worm, a Kobold caster, a dinosaur, a fungus that inhabits humanoids, a Demon Lord. The zine has a little bit of everything.

    Regardless of the CR you’re looking for, there’s probably something useful in here. And every monster has a few ready hooks. Whether you need a guardian for your underground city or a variant on a common monster or just something completely different (like a living crystal).

    As always, the stat blocks are OGC and Meagan is great at getting the right CRs.

    This isn’t the full blown design and layout of a Tome of Beasts or Creature Codex, but at $3 it’s worth every penny.

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