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Vault of Magic for 5th Edition



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Availability: In stock


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Bundle (Print and PDF), Hardcover, PDF, Virtual Table Top

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D&D 5e


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Spells and Items


A Trove of Powerful New Magic for 5E!

The wizard peered through the hole in the tunnel wall and into the darkness of the ancient vault beyond. She murmured a few arcane words, searching for any telltale magical auras.
Then she gasped.
“What is it?” the warrior demanded, holding the lantern and trying to look over her shoulder. “What do you see?”
“Something . . . wondrous!”

Inside Vault of Magic, you’ll find a vast treasure trove of enchanted items of every imaginable use—more than 900 in all! There are plenty of armors, weapons, potions, rings, and wands, but that’s just for starters. From mirrors to masks, edibles to earrings, and lanterns to lockets, it’s all here, ready for you to use in your 5th Edition game.

This 240-page volume includes:

  • More than 30 unique items developed by special guests, including Patrick Rothfuss, Gail Simone, Deborah Ann Woll, and Luke Gygax
  • Fabled items that grow in power as characters rise in levels
  • New item themes, such as monster-inspired, clockwork, and apprentice wizards
  • Hundreds of full-color illustrations
  • 25 treasure-generation tables sorted by rarity and including magic items from the core rules

Amaze and delight your players and spice up your 5th Edition campaign with fresh, new enchanted items from Vault of Magic. It’ll turn that next treasure hoard into something . . . wondrous!

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  1. ashtonvdb

    Amazing book, easy to implement into your weekly game with the included magic item tables.

  2. Otto VanLeeuwen

    Oh me, oh my! What delights do we have here?!

    This is my second favorite Kobold Press product. It fills the gaps I need inspiration for that official material lacks.

    Physically, the book sits a bit taller than official material and sticks out a bit as well. The binding is good and sits well at the beginning and end of the book, resting perfectly in the middle sections. The paper is glossy and a boarder art surrounds the corners beautifully.

    It’s broken up into many sections giving an ease of use when looking for something specific. They also have a system for items that level up with you and a great DM digression statement.

    If you’ve been feeling uninspired by official items, give this book a try! This vault will be sure to to fill that loot you plunder.

  3. joshua-6980

    The items themselves are excellent, but there’s a lack of usability that really hurts the book. The only tables available are for hoard generation. There’s not tables for magic item rarities and the tables that do exist, don’t hyperlink back to the respective pages so there’s a lot of flipping back and forth.

  4. Timothy Rich

    Is there ever going to be a Foundry module for this?

  5. Head Kobold

    Yes, it’s on our wish list!

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