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The Sunken Pyramid (PDF)


Product Stats

Game System

Tales of the Valiant

Adventure Level

Level 7 to 8


Marc Radle



Page Count





A Deadly Aquatic Quest, Deep Beneath the Waves!

Terror rips through the coastal town of White Moon Cove! Set upon by a party of fierce sahuagin raiders, the normally peaceful town reels as these deadly water-dwelling foes wreak a trail of destruction through once-tranquil streets. Worse than the chaos of the aftermath is the knowledge that several townsfolk have been taken captive and dragged beneath the waves.

Their destination? An antediluvian complex feared by landlubbers and seasoned seafarers alike. A place known as…The Sunken Pyramid!

The Sunken Pyramid is a sprawling 55-page PDF adventure for Tales of the Valiant! Gather a party of four to five level 7 characters for a deadly aquatic journey into the darkest depths of the ocean. Battle deadly new foes, uncover powerful new treasures, and master the rules of underwater combat to save the day!

Hold your breath as long as you can. The halls of The Sunken Pyramid await you!

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