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The Green Maiden (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Lawerence Hawkins



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A Garden of Foes Await!

From verdant legend, the Green Maiden can be found wherever nature flourishes. In her wake, strange and unusual life sprouts up – a blessing or a curse depending on her whim.

The Green Maiden is a 16-page PDF supplement for players and game masters seeking to add an array of plant-themed monsters and magic items to their game:

  • Minions of the Green Maiden can be found everywhere! Discover vegetal horrors for a variety of biomes.
  • Low-CR plant monsters make cool companions for druids or rangers.
  • The Maiden bestows strange gifts to those who prove worthy. Uncover a trove of wondrous items and magical plants, perfect for nature lovers of all varietals.
  • Introduce your party to the Green Maiden – a succubus infused with the spirit of nature. She can be a powerful ally or terrible foe for any group of adventurers.

Where the Maiden walks, nature awakens!

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