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Tales of Zobeck PDF (3E/OGL)


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ENnie-Award-winning Tales of Adventure!

A city of wonders, and a city of corruption and despair. Zobeck is home to gypsies, kobolds, powerful guilds and seductive devils, a crossroads city where the people of all corners of the compass come to
barter, cheat, and deal.

Tales of Zobeck includes eight adventures created through the Open Design process:

  • The Gullet War by Ed Greenwood
    a location of intrigue and action
  • The Madman at the Bridge by Wolfgang Baur
    a race against destruction for 5th-level characters
  • Knave of Parts by Bill Collins
    an urban legend for 4th-6th-level characters
  • Tail of the Mouse-King by Tim & Eileen Connors
    a murder mystery for 5th-level characters
  • A Plague of Shadows by Joshua Stevens
    a mystery for 1st-level characters
  • The Devil You Know by Jim Groves & Mike McArtor
    an adventure for 4th-level characters
  • The Maiden in the Glass by Dan Voyce
    a ghost story for 5th-level characters
  • Redcloak Ruckus by Ben McFarland
    a riotous adventure for 6th-level characters

Winner of the 2008 ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book.

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