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Tales from the Wastes (Shard License Key)


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Tales from the Wastes (PDF)

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Virtual Table Top

Game System

D&D 5e, Pathfinder


Confront Secrets Stirring in the Dust. . . .

Enter devasted lands torn asunder by ghastly creatures and chaos magic. These wastes hide ancient treasures, potent magic, and abandoned cities waiting to be discovered—or refusing to stay buried. Tales from the Wastes brings you fast-paced 5th Edition adventures set in twisted locations packed with memorable NPCs.

Inside this tome, find:

  • 15 new single-session adventures, suitable for levels 1–18, playable separately or in sequence
  • New environmental hazards to face, mysteries to unravel, and encounters with terrifying villains
  • 15 full-page, full-color maps and dozens of illustrations
  • New monsters, NPCs, magic items, and easy prep for your next game!

Enter the wastes and embrace full metal mayhem!

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  1. Ethan Lavender

    Quite frankly The shard Tabletop BTT isn’t good. And releasing this book with a low quality PDF was an awful thing to do. I love Kobold Press Products, I have MHH, ToB 1,2, & 3, Sothlands Players Guide, Deep Magic, ToB Lairs, ToB 3 Lairs, CC Lairs, all on PDF and on Roll 20. Sadly with the PDF here being so poor quality, and no sperate release for the player maps, I likely wont be buying KP products in the future. The quality of this book was severly diminished and Shard VTT is a Shart to the Eyes.

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