Southlands Regional Map (PDF)


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The Glittering Jewels of the South!

In the Southlands, the world is alive with elemental power and wondrous magic, ancient god-kings walk among the living, and empires at their height echo the mystery and majesty of the past.

This campaign setting map shows all the locations of this region, from ruins to lush grasslands, and from thriving cities to searing deserts.

With a glittering array of kingdoms to adventure in, this free map combines two continental-sized, 6 panel poster maps into a single PDF!

A complete view and description of the region is available in the Southlands Worldbook for 5th Edition. Additional player resources are available in the Southlands Player’s Guide, and for GMs in the City of Cats gazetteer and adventures.


Bundle (Print and PDF)

Game System

D&D 5e


Game Masters, Players


Character Options, Monsters, Spells and Items

Midgard Region



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