Southlands Player’s Guide for 5th Edition PDF


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Bold Heroes From the Lands of Pitiless Sun!

Over the crest of the dune they came, more than two dozen gnolls running fast; our sandship was ready for them—until their aeromancer turned the wind itself against us!

This 80-page book provides character options well beyond the norm. Eight playable races and options for the 5th edition of the world’s first RPG including: catfolk, gnolls, jinnborn, lizardfolk, minotaurs, trollkin, and many more.

These new options include all-new backgrounds as well, such as the Desert Runner, Siwali embalmer, a and Servant of the Jinn! Uncover new Southlands subclasses that fit your character, such as:

  • Circle of the Desert druids
  • Aeromancer wizards
  • Oath of the Ancestors paladins
  • Caravan raider rogues
  • And many others!

Plus new spells, hieroglyphs and lotus blossoms, weapons, armor, and more! The Southlands Player’s Guide adds layers of enchantment to any game!

As the official companion volume to the Southlands Worldbook for 5E, this book is the definitive source for players who want to bring their Southlands characters to life!



Game System

D&D 5e


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