Southlands Character Sheet (5th Edition) (PDF)


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Southlands Character Sheet for 5th Edition

Whether you are leveling up a catfolk character or launching a new Southlands campaign, this 3-page character sheet has you covered. All the 5th Edition options are included, as is a space to note Status, Background and Lore, and a separate page for spells.

The whole thing is a form-fillable PDF so you can fill it out and keep a copy on digital devices.

And of course, it includes the look and feel of the Southlands. Head for a realm of high adventure!

Game System

D&D 5e



Midgard Region


2 reviews for Southlands Character Sheet (5th Edition) (PDF)

  1. Tyler stevens

    i love the detail.

  2. Sveinn Olafur Arnorsson

    The character sheet itself is gorgeous. However, why is this the one character sheet from any Kobold Press book where the character name and player name aren’t centered on the first page when you use it as a fillable pdf? Knocked a full star off my rating as it went from near perfect to un-usable as a filled pdf.

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