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Soulslike Roleplaying (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Sebastian Rombach



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TPKs Have Never Been This Fun!

Soulslike Roleplaying offers a unique, exciting gaming experience based on a popular genre of video games. Players must strike a balance between levelling and purchasing new equipment, cleave their way to the safety of the next bonfire, and be prepared for the next dramatic boss fight just around the corner.

Soulslike Roleplaying is a 15-page PDF title dedicated to bringing the spirit of Soulslike video games to your 5E tabletop game.

  • Discover the Five Core Rules of Soulslike Roleplaying!
  • Add new combat options, legendary items, and NPCs to help players survive in a bleak and crumbling world.
  • Play an introductory adventure in the grim world of Soulslike Roleplaying – reclaim your true soul from Ebonwrath the Blackdrake!

Light the bonfire and descend deeper into the dungeon. Try not to die. If you do, it won’t stop you for long.

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  1. Mason Taylor

    I had the pleasure of playing the campaign that was the inspiration for this supplement. The souls-borne inspired game options that the author has created allow for an incredibly fun and engaging new way to play D&D.

    The bonfire system encourages a gameplay style that other players likely will not have encountered in D&D before where player mortality is less a concern than the mad dash back to the fight to help your companions should you be dispatched. Strongly recommend Tome of Heroes Mushroomfolk race paired with the same book’s Way of The Humble Elephant monk path to play a mushroom parent from Dark Souls!

  2. Catasine

    This supplement is an ingeniously designed and incredibly well made addition for anyone who wants to turn D&D into a soulslike. Making mortality less of a concern shifts things in unexpected ways leading to truly memorable moments that would never happen in a normal campaign. It also allows DMs to bring out the extra fun monsters without fear of killing the party.

    For those who enjoy Souls inspiration I highly recommend playing a dragonborn with Kobold Press’ dragon magic spells to make a Path of the Dragon covenant character.

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