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Sea of Bones (PDF)


Product Stats

Game System

Tales of the Valiant

Adventure Level

Level 3 to 4


Tim Hitchcock



Page Count





A Desperate Race Against Time to Defeat the Forces of the Void

Sail across the alien Sea of Bones, a seething, eldritch ocean, to the arcane prison of Dreamsedge. There, on the edge where the world ends, your party must battle renegade priests, void skeletons, and much, much worse to prevent the awakening of an all-powerful Void Dragon. 

Sea of Bones is a 17-page Tales of the Valiant™ adventure for four to five 3rd-level characters. Once a convention exclusive, Kobold Press is proud to bring this harrowing adventure to players everywhere! 

Move quickly. Fight hard. Save the very fabric of reality! 

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Valiant.

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