Scarlet Citadel Map Pack (29 JPGs for VTT)


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Player-Friendly Maps for Your Favorite Virtual Tabletop!

The Scarlet Citadel Map Pack brings you 29 gigantic, player-friendly, high-resolution maps for all the levels and every room of the dungeon, including versions with and without DM-only information> In addition, there are overlay versions, which show changed conditions and terrain such as secret rooms, traps, and more which can appear during play.

This extensive collection also include beautiful maps for the castle ruins on the surface plus an overhead view of the nearby village of Redtower, which is detailed in the adventure.

The maps for the following locations are included:

  1. Village of Redtower (1 version)
  2. Castle Ruins (3 versions)
  3. Dungeon Side View (1 version)
  4. Dungeon and Family Crypt (3 versions)
  5. Scriptorium & Alchemist’s Furnace (3 versions)
  6. Dwarven Barracks & Owlbear Stables (3 versions)
  7. Clacking Caverns (2 versions)
  8. Black River Part 1 (3 versions)
  9. Black River Part 2 (2 versions)
  10. Black River Part 3 (2 versions)
  11. Bat Caverns (3 versions)
  12. Howling Halls (3 versions)

These high‑resolution battle maps are perfect for use with a projector or with a virtual tabletop.

Add the Scarlet Citadel Map Pack to your game today!


Bundle (Print and PDF), PDF

Game System

D&D 5e


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