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Reach for the Stars (PDF)


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D&D 5e


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Adventure, Monsters, Spells and Items


The Stars Are in Your Grasp!

Step aboard your skyship and head out into the realms between worlds! Reach for the Stars provides a full bag of options to enhance your 5E game that ventures out into space between the stars.

This 18-page PDF product contains:

  • 4 new spaceborne materials! Make armor and weapons with cool new properties!
  • 9 new spells! Ply the stars with more verve and grace.
  • 3 new elemental monsters! Creatures that threaten travelers in distant space.
  • Tables for adventure generation to keep busy GMs stocked with ideas.

And that’s not even everything! Jam every spell into your bag and head out into the celestial spheres for spaceborne adventure!

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