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Prepared! for 5th Edition (PDF)


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D&D 5e


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Level 1 to 2, Level 3 to 4, Level 5 to 6, Level 7 to 8, Level 9 to 10+

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So, your players went off on a tangent?

A Dozen 5th Edition One-Shot Adventures for Levels 1 to 15

Never fear—Prepared! offers GMs quick solutions to keep the game moving and players entertained, while you figure out your next move. Here are short, one-shot adventures
for every environment, including:

  • An alien factory where victims are drained of their essence and transformed into ethereal horrors
  • An abandoned alchemical lab where one inhuman assistant got left behind
  • The sky literally falling, right in front of the adventurers
  • Goblins who’ve built a most unusual “fortress” in a roadside ditch
  • A mysterious stone terrace rising up out of the snow, with an ancient machine glinting from the topmost level.
  • ..and much more, lavishly illustrated with maps by Meshon Cantrill!

With Prepared!, designer Jon Sawatsky has created dozens of 5th Edition fantasy scenarios ready to use in any fantasy campaign setting, at a variety of PC levels. Never be caught without a plot again!

These adventures feature monsters from the core 5th Edition MM and from the Tome of Beasts.

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  1. skidmoda

    Good for a quick one-off when you have a break in your main quest. This is great DM practice for complex combat, so ensure to ask for feedback from your players. I gave my PCs 1 common and 1 uncommon magical item. I’ve done 3 of the higher-level ones. As a suggestion to other DMs modify the NPCs and monsters. Review what they can do as is, but most are melee-focused. So perhaps give them ranged options(like a lot of range 120+), something for incapacitating/restraining PCs, an environmental aspect to combat, and access to “see invisibility”. Remember the monsters and NPC have fought high-level PCs before and would know some of their tricks. So they will come prepared as well. If you can use any DC-based attacks, as the PCs AC can be crazy high. Otherwise, the PCs will kite the NPC/monsters and it isn’t as fun for everybody. Perhaps add an Evil PC(if you have one handy) they fight against with Feats and PC levels sort of fight fire with fire. Make it your own and tweak it.

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