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Prepared 2 Player Map Standalone (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Player Maps for Those Who Just Want Maps!

These dozen maps are already included in the Prepared 2 PDF, but if you want them without the accompanying adventure text, here you go!

Here are 12 map environments by Meshon Cantrill including:

  1. A city square with cobblestone streets
  2. Frozen ice waste with breaches in the ice
  3. A mysterious crypt surrounded by strange lake
  4. A long-forgotten boring machine breaks out onto the surface
  5. A leviathans of the wasteland with platforms on it
  6. Underground lair suitable for city or dungeon
  7. A ship of cultists
  8. A woodland amphitheatre
  9. A double-size set of caverns, great for a dragon’s lair by the sea
  10. Tangled temple of overgrown ruins
  11. Caverns with treasure piles and mysterious rune
  12. Traditional dungeon crawl with 15 rooms



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