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Scales, claws, and elemental dragon magic!

From the coin swarm to the wyvern’s sting, this is an astonishing collection of feats, spells, and exotic animals and dragon magic for Pathfinder RPG–ready to customize any PC from the exotic lands of the dragon bazaars!

The Dragon Empire region is the exotic land of a conquering Sultana, a land of elemental gods and unstoppable legions. Learn the secrets of this The Players Guide to the Dragon Empire has new options for those who seek adventure and fortune in this exciting realm!

This 30-page collection of materials provides players with a regional overview, plus a wide range of new powers and options for any Pathfinder RPG campaign, including:

  • New archetypes and prestige class options for Monks, Magus, and Rogues as well as Fighters and Druids, such as Elemental Exarchs, Dragon Magus, and Monk of he Fiery Fist or Wind Palm
  • Exotic animals from axebeaks to baboon and far beyond
  • 4 Magic Rugs and Carpets from the bazaar, with full magic item and construction writeups
  • 17 new spells for elementalists, sorcerers, and dragonkin
  • 25 new feats and dozens of regional traits
  • Advice for playing drakes or dragonkin as PCs
  • An overview of the region, its titles, and heraldic devices–and the harem assassins!

Pick up the Guide to the Dragon Empire today, and behold its astounding wonders!

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